• Champagne
  • Cremant
  • Cava
  • Prosecco
  • Asti
  • Lambrusco
  • Espumante
  • It’s all the same you dunderhead!!!

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it’s all fine. None of it’s better than fine. diamondspadedeath


Was pouring the prosecco down my neck on the wedding day. Not bad is it?

Ordered a half bottle of champagne for the flight out on our honeymoon. It was like fizzy vinegar.

proper expensive champagne is so so different to cheap shit

dad got given an expensive bottle when i was born, we drank it the xmas morning after i graduated - awesome stuff

other than that, prosecco is generally pretty good

Not a fan but there’s always a bottle knocking around for Xmas dinner, force down half a glass then move back to the port. Fun to open mind.

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Fresh prosecco on the day to day. A well aged champagne will always win though.

Fucking English sparkling wine you anti-Brexit nob!

If I’m feeling flush then good champagne, but almost always prosecco.

This is quite amazing: