Bucket List Bands

Made myself a bucket list of bands i want to see before they split up/stop performing/i/they die. Turns out most of them are playing next year and it’s costing me a fortune

So far booked in and to be ticked off the list:

Slipknot (saw back in 2002 at Reading but i was more into the emo tent back then)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Faith No More

Also performing in the UK but not yet booked:
Pearl Jam (waiting for the £2.50’s for that one)

Who is on your bucket list to see (whether you’ve seen them before or not)?

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Have either done most of my bucket list or else they have died while I was faffing around (Leonard Cohen :frowning:), but…still never seen Portishead :no_mouth:

EDIT: I also saw Slipknot at Reading '02 - entertaining…

Portishead, Bjork and Underworld are the big names.

Smaller; Nicolas Jaar and Andy Stott

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Fugazi are the only one left on my list. I could be waiting a while

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R.E.M. are the only real one left. Missed the fucking boat there.


Aye a wee bit geesy

Think I’ve actually crossed off most of mine now. GBV were the perennial unlikely one but even that’s crossed off now

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Plenty that I want to see again of course


Prince was the one, but that’s not going to happen.

The Afghan Whigs

AC/DC (only with Brian though)

Plus one. They keep dropping hints that its plausible every so often. I’m divided as it’s an unparalleled legacy to keep intact but then again

Springsteen. Only really got into him in the last couple of years. Really hope he comes plays some shows here again (he probably will, right?)


Ones that are likely, potentially next year: Nine Inch Nails, Paul McCartney and Frank Ocean.

Ones that might happen, but not sure when: Pulp and The Walkmen

Pulp seem unlikely, sorry. Best band I’ve seen live and all, sorry again.


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There quite a few, but RATM are top of the list.

Unless I’m allowed BOC.

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Silverchair are probably the only band left on my bucket list.

Will def do another enormous world tour. Elton style thing that will go on for ages. Too many people will freak out otherwise

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Will be ticking Faith No More off the list next year.

Ones that come to mind first…

Jesus Lizard
Public Enemy

I’ll be surprised if there’s not one more E Street Band tour. (Rumours are saying late-2020 into 2021.)

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Tom waits. Please please please