Buckets 🪣

What’s the most fun you’ve had with a bucket?

I used one to transfer some fish from a pond to a larger bucket once.

Sandcastles are the classic.

How many buckets do you own?

Currently zero for me. Unless you include the inside of my kitchen bin, which I most certainly do not.

Once won a bucket of beer in a local competition. Peroni, but you can’t complain if it’s free.


  • white, under the sink with cleaning materials
  • black, in the cupboard, holding the mop
  • blue, on the balcony under the table

I keep a little bucket in the car so that when I’m near a beach I can collect sea glass.

I currently have a lot of sea glass.


Once got so high I spent an half an hour slowly eating Wotsits and listening to how different the chewing sounds were in different parts of my mouth


I own 1 (one) bucket. I have had no cause to use it for a long time. The last time I used a bucket was last week, at my parents’ house (it was their bucket) to wash my car. When I was little and we used to go to the beach, we used to play a game where you bury buckets in the sand at varying distances from you and have to throw a ball into them (further away buckets are worth more points etc) and that is probably the most fun I’ve had with a bucket. Hope this helps.

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Tried to have some fun with a milk container once but it just pails in comparison


My mate James put one on his head then successfully did a headstand for a few sconds before it burst and he tipped over. Cut his head a bit. Amusing.

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I own at least 4 buckets. Absolute bucking madness bet The Queen doesn’t own 4 buckets.

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When I was little we moved to a house with a huge pond which made my parents worry that my sister or I would fall in and drown (we are both clumsy and bad swimmers so good instinct tbf).

After they drained it we found hundreds of frogs living under the lining so had to catch them all, put them in a bucket and then go and dump an actual bucket of frogs in to a lake.

Pretty good.


Two, maybe three?

Does a bucket have to be round?

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A really interesting question.

Gonna go with no

Not at all, a lot of sandcastle buckets are castle-shaped.


Really want to build a sandcastle right now

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I think that reading this thread is the most fun I’ve had with buckets thus far in my life.


Me too. I’m approx. 12-15 mins drive from the nearest beach but it’s very rainy, I’m at work and I don’t have a bucket and spade though.

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Are the beach shops that sell them at a hideous mark-up open yet?

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Got very drunk in S.E. Asia drinking buckets* of the local rum mixed with Coke and Red Bull.
It was a lot of fun but I couldn’t deal with the blackouts.

Sandcastle buckets

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When I was a kid, my parents had a big black bin that they used to store water in for when they were gardening. Is that a bucket, or is it still a bin, or is it technically a butt or some nonsense?

I used to sit in it on warm days when I was a kid, great times.

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I don’t think they ever close. Might get some branded ones for work for the summer.

That, my friend, is a butt.