Buckingham Palace


Emergency meeting being held this morning apparently

DiS greatest hits

Fingers crossed they’re going to lock Theresa May up in the Tower.


Shit house for shit cunts.


Dead serious about going to itchy and scratchy land?


One of the sacrificial teen virgins escaped apparently.

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“You must find the Jade Monkey before the next full moon”


Is there anyone on the planet worse than Americans who love the royal family, harry Potter, sherlock etc.?


Apparently French media reported Phil has died, but other reports are saying that’s not the case.




Aliens aren’t real, mate.


Abdication from both Liz and Charles… straight to Willie


Do we get a day off to mourn an abdication?


Can someone (@marckee ) provide a full list of situations that will give us a day off, either now or in the future. Thanks


if she abdicates do we still get the day off when she finally pegs it?


I’d imagine much like the plans in place for if the Queen dies, there’ll be a plan in place for an abdication announcement. I doubt that this kind of last minute meeting and uncontrolled media coverage would happen for that kind of announcement. Makes this even stranger in some ways. Plus the BBC still aren’t reporting anything, but it’s gone out on the AP.


maybe she’s going to cancel the general election


The queen is going to call corbyn a legend


Will be the boringest possible thing


Cancel brexit, her and Phil holding up german and Greek flags on the balcony