Budget dinners

What’s the tastiest cheapest dinner? Is it a jacket potato (with butter)? I reckon for the cost of that it’s hard to beat. Maybe noodles might run it close though.

What do you think?


Instant noodles (Asian brand, not super noodles obvs). Bit of stir fried veg bunged in, maybe an egg too



2 kg lentils = £2.79


Beans on toast


Anything off Jack Monroe’s ‘Cooking on a Bootstrap’ blog really. I think they’re all veggie recipes and most lean towards vegan. Definitely changed my attitude towards cooking when skint, and in terms of making healthier choices.

Folk can moan about the initial cost of whatever spices/herbs but once you’ve got them, you’re looking at meals for around 26p per portion, and you can always substitute parsley or whatever for another herb you’ve got if needs be.


Alternatively, there’s always this:

Tin of black beans, garlic, cumin, oregano. Add some stock or salt, cook down for a bit.

Eat with rice or bread or tortillas. Tasty on its own, or you can top with whatever you have - fried egg, bacon chorizo, diced tomato, hot sauce, cheese, avocado.


Love red a 5 pack of indomie noodles, easy, delicious, all I add is soy sauce and its great

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There was a time where I literally had £1 for lunch most days, I used to buy a 30p small baguette, 30p value chocolate and spend the last 40p on some hard cheese form the cheese counter (would ask for 40p of cheese, something mature for more flavour) and that would be it, it was filling and delicious and also reminded me of a book I read as a child about WW2 child evacuees being given that as a snack


depends on what you define as an individual dinner i guess. nothing wrong with beans on toast for, what, 10p per portion? every now and then. probably require more nutrition in the long term.


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White bread
Richmond Sausages
Real butter


I’m not knocking the virtues of a sausage sarnie, but you could literally buy the components of the best part of a week’s worth of ingredients for the price of a few bangers and a loaf.

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You could say that about any delicious food, like mcdonalds

Be that as it may, it’s a thread about budget dinners eh?

Pasta, olives, toms, discounted greens if you can stretch that far

Oh yeah! I forgot that the second I started thinking about Richmond Sausages

A good budget dinner is toast


Carrots are exceptionally cheap. Can get a massive bag for like 40p. Get them roasted up, some potatoes, that’ll keep you going.
Broccoli too.


Used to make something similar at very skint points last summer, but substituting black beans for the surplus of kidney beans in the cupboard. I was one of those wankers that bought a lot of flour during lockdown as well, so homemade tortillas and occasionally garlic and herb flatbreads in the frying pan were on the menu for about three days before payday.

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All of these last for ages in the fridge as well, same with turnips and parsnips.

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