Budget guitar pedals

They are pretty great these days, aren’t they?

I bought a Caline pre-amp/overdrive thing that is the absolute tits. £20. Now going to pick up some other Caline and Joyo pedals as seem to get universally great reviews, and all cost less than about £40.

Are they great or do I have cloth ears?

Have never heard of these. Do they do a Temolo? I need (want) a Tremolo.

Have you tried @BargainMax?

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Yeah, both those brands basically do everything. I am currently in for the Joyo tremolo on ebay, should come in about £15-£20. Watched a couple of online demos* and looked the shizz.

(again, am awaiting someone who knows what they are talking about to tell me these are shit).

*I’m currently addicted to online guitar pedal demos, featuring some of the dorkiest humans ever. GBOL.

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(if this thread takes off I need to have a chat about the effects loop on an amp please thanks)

Also, trying to get the JOYO D Seed delay, which looks cracking. £30 would seem to land it.

Do you have the amp clean or do you drive it?

I had a JOYO tubescreamer clone - and it wasn’t as good as an actual tubescreamer, and then it broke

I’m happy to chat effects loops

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I don’t use FX loops as

  1. my amp doesn;t have one

  2. I run my amp clean and get my drive from pedals, lovely pedals

I’ve got a Joyo tremolo - think it was £25 or something like that. It’s pretty great for the price

Yeah the quality of cheap pedals these days is so, so far ahead of what you could get even 10 years ago. It’s great.

Probably helped by IP coverage for guitar pedals being fucking dreadful, so you can get decent budget clones of basically any popular circuit now.

i keep toying with buying this mooer beauty -


Wellllll, I have for years claimed I don’t need pedals as would just use the clean and driven channels on my amp. However, its a Marshall valve combo (sometimes through an additional cab) and whilst it is a good old sound, it is a bit Oasis. Have been toying with changing it, but I only play at home, and couldn’t be bothered with the faff, so I spent an afternoon getting out all the pedals I had got over the years (mainly obvious Boss ones), and started totally from scratch. Worked out I was happier with it on a totally flat clean tone, then letting the pedals do the rest (the exact opposite of everything I previously thought) and sounds great now.

AND as part of this decided to investigate the effects loop. I don’t understand it, but I do think it sounds better having delay/chorus/EQ in the loop, and the wah/overdrive/distortion in the regular chain.

Now I just want to get loads of cheap but great pedals as the risk has been removed of buying £100+ ones that I never use, in a sound that I wasn’t happy with to start.

yas! i dunno how much use i’d get out of it but can pick one up for like £30

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Yeah. Copyright covers original literary, musical, and dramatic works and a circuit isn’t any of those. They’re patentable, but it’s quite difficult to show that a given guitar pedal circuit is “inventive” so it would be hard/expensive to get anything useful granted.

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Cool, see my last post which includes comment on how I don’t understand them, but do like them. Bit like my relationship with snooker.

I haven’t really looked into Mooer as don’t like the size. Don’t they just float around all over the place as have no weight, or am I just being sizeist again.

I think it depends on the individual pedals a bit

Like I hear the mooer electric lady flanger is very decent. But I got a moer fuzz face clone and it was “fine” but the very expensive fuzz pedal I own now is like night and day

Literally all it is is a place between your pre-amp and power amp where you can insert effects.

They can also be series or parallel, with the latter allowing you to blend a dry signal with the effected signal.