Budget guitar pedals


can anyone recommend a good budget spring reverb sounding pedal? Since moving i’ve got all my stuff set up by my desk for recording, but i’m most comfortable as a bedroom guitarist so want a second mini-rig in there, got the vox pathfinder amp which I’m pretty pleased with but reverb is the next essential. EHX cathedral is my main one, something that does a similar sound to the EHX grail sound


Oooh, just “won” a Joyo tremolo on eBay. Nice.


i’ve had my eye on this for the last couple of months and for some reason andertons had it at 33% off yesterday so managed to get it for £29


Very keen to hear how that goes. Looks cracking.


i’ll let you know man, i’ve already got this and really like it


Just spotted the FX Mix dial on my amp. That’s presumably to do with the loop right?


Yeah, that’s a wet/dry mix control. You must have a parallel FX loop where a dry signal is also sent straight from the preamp to the power amp, bypassing the FX loop. That knob will adjust the relative volumes of the dry signal and wet (effected) signal.




Obviously I know, but let’s just say some other people don’t know; in a line what does wet and dry mean in this context?


Dry is the sound of your guitar with no FX applied. Wet is the signal that goes through the pedals in the FX loop. The wet/dry knob lets you adjust how much of the pedal-modified signal is mixed with the original guitar tone.


In this case, to be very precise, “dry” is your guitar signal (i) having been affected by the pedals you have plugged in between your guitar jack socket and the amp input socket, (ii) having been amplified by the preamp (but not yet the power amp), and (iii) not having been affected by the pedals you have plugged in in the FX loop. “Wet” is the same but with the ‘not’ removed from statement (iii).

The FX Mix knob will blend the volumes of the dry and wet signals before amplifying the unified whole through the power amp. With the knob turned fully one way, the signal sent to the power amp will be 100% dry (i.e. not much point having used the FX loop at all!). With the knob turned fully the other way, the signal sent to the power amp will be 100% wet.


This will sound sarcastic but isn’t; I’ve learnt more on this thread about pedals than I have in 20 odd years of playing the friggers.

My Joyo Tremolo came last night. £15. Sounds great, a little more subtle than some I have used before, but like that.


Where do you have it plugged in? In the FX loop?


Yeah, in das loop.


It will sound more subtle the higher the blend of dry signal in the FX Mix.


Think I go:

Guitar - wah - harmonic percolator - over drive - amp
Then in the loop - EQ - tremolo - delay



Good chain. If I were you, I’d set the FX Mix to 100% wet initially, then set the EQ, trem and delay how you like them, then gradually dial the dry back in on the FX Mix knob until you hit a sweet spot. Make sure any mix knobs on the trem and delay pedals themselves are set to 100% wet.


I’m a bit baffled by this whole fx loop thing chat. My set up is

Guitar - > pedals - >amp.

Not sure how I would create a separate loop that would allow me to mix the pedals with the unaltered sound. Can you get some kind of splitter to send half the signal into the amp unaltered and the other half through the pedals? If so what would such a device look like and how much would it cost?



Can’t wait to get onto “two amps” chat, shortly.


loads do. you can get dedicated pedals or my EQ pedal has a left and right output. left can be sent dry, right wet or what have you