Budgeting and you: the definitive THREAD


Hello friends

How’s your budgeting? I’m possibly about to stray into spreadsheet territory proper to get my affairs in order.

Are you already a pro budgeter? Or do you not give a shit? Or CWBAFT etc

Do you plan it out but then vastly overspend? Are you tight as fuck mr bean fnar face?

Tell me


My budget’s roughly a third on rent, a third on living, a third on saving (sometimes takes a hit quarterly due to bills).
Works fine.


I’ve got a spreadsheet somewhere but I don’t even look at it any more.

Anything left in my current account the day before payday goes into my savings. If that’s less than it should be one month, I stop taking the piss with unnecessary purchases for a month and it evens out.


No planning whatsoever

Pay my rent and bills as soon as I get paid and then just cross my fingers whenever buying anything for a month.

I’m an actual idiot.

  • I regularly look at my bank balance
  • shields eyes

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In fairness, mobile banking has helped me a lot in this regard. I haven’t had the dreaded declined transaction/withdrawal for years now as a result.


Don’t “budget” in the traditional sense of having a spreadsheet and saying “x amount on this, y amount on that”, but I spend less than I earn and save the maximum First Direct will allow me to bung in the regular saver every month, so I believe I am okay at budgeting. Check our bank account almost daily, pay the credit card off weekly (and the emergency direct debit just in case we forget). It’s all good.


Online app banking has ruined my sanity on this front. On the commute in I now automatically check my balance and savings and etc


Keep a regular check on my balance and, when payday comes, I dump anything left into savings.


Bet that gives you a decent float.


I have been known to opt for hasty swipes to avoid eye contact with the balance on particularly sticky weeks.


Spend big just after payday, gradually reduce spending every week, do not spend at all (if possible) week before payday. Look at bank balance as little as possible.

Can’t say that this tactic has a 100% success rate, but I’m still alive.


I’m usually pretty flush, aye


I think ours is okay, maybe?

We have direct debits going out for as much as we can at the beginning of the month (mortgage, utility bills, internet), plus we have a bit that gets set aside for savings.

Having a routine really helps - we now know how much we spend on our food shopping and transport every month, and meal planning and batch cooking keeps the former down, plus I’m planning on working up to commuting in to work by bike three out of five days a week, and running home on the two other, which should make a big difference after the initial expenditure.

Neither of us drink a lot, either at home or out in pubs - we’d much rather go out for a meal or the cinema or the theatre, a couple of times a month instead - often that’s local, so no more than £10 a head, which we can afford.

We don’t really keep a spreadsheet of regular expenditure, but we do have one for all the works to the house, as those are often one-off large sums.


I’ve got a great spreadsheet I’ve been tweaking over the years. I can track everything I’m spending my money on to the penny.

Doesn’t stop me being utterly fucking skint at the end of every month though - it just means that instead of a nebulous sort of guilt over my balance I can itemise my shame effectively.


never budget for anything. i don’t really spend that much money tbh.


OMG my credit card, i forgot i’ve got to pay it still


Yeah the main drive behind the spreadsheet was to understand when home improvements were possible over the coming year, but it’s turning into an overall spreadsheet of outgoings that’s been helpful to look at.

Batch cooking is something that completely changed our food spend too and now we’re additionally down the road from a large Lidl which has further dropped the weekly spend

Travel has gone up a lot moving to zone 4 but CT has gone down which helps a little

I like that you’ve moved all your bills close to payday. Will do the same.

Drinking I’ve curbed a lot but my utter killer is chain store coffees. Swore id stop this year and failed


Foppy quick!


Think I’ve got to the point where I just know if I’m overspending. Only really check my accounts at the start of the month when I shift money into our joint account. Direct debits for bills come out of that. We don’t go out a great deal these days, and I steal all my films off the internet, so that softens the blow of child related expenses like nursery. Any money left over goes into a savings account and we usually use that to overpay our mortgage every so often.

I was saving a lot when I cycled to work everyday, but I can’t do that anymore as it’s too tricky doing nursery drop off first. Need to think of a way round that…

I still blow a lot of money on clothes and tins of craft beer.