Buenos Aires. Anyone been? I'm looking for travel tips please.

As the thread title states please.

With work being a huge pile of shit, I’ve booked it but haven’t had time and haven’t looked into anything about my trip there (just six nights).

I’m going next week. Anyone been? Where should I visit (or indeed avoid). Thanks in advance for any tips.

Yes, spent about 10 days there. It was 2007, so I suppose some things may have changed, particularly prices. I found there were surprisingly few specific attractions (museums etc.) that are worth going out of your way for, but one of the best places I’ve been for just wandering. Many distinct neighborhoods, everyone will have their favourite… mine was San Telmo since I’m a sucker for ramshackle bohemian places. Could be horribly gentrified by now though.

One place we stumbled upon that was a really great change of pace was this:

Surprisingly tropical feeling to this park. I would have liked to take the train up to Tigre for even more of this kind of thing, but we never got around to it.

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Went in 2012 - loved it. As mentioned ^above, it doesn’t necessarily have a tick list of must sees that other cities have but rather is just a wonderful city for walking, eating and drinking. That said, BA has the most theatres of any city in the world apparently, so it’s definitely worth taking in a show while you’re there - tango and opera the obvious choices.

We stayed near Retiro, which is very central and meant that we could walk everywhere. Would recommend brushing up on your basic Spanish as very little English spoken by anyone. They are still dealing with the after effects of the early 00s economic collapse so cash is king - we were regularly offered 15-20% discounts for paying in cash rather than on card. Annual inflation runs at around 40% :scream: so hard to say how affordability has changed since we visited, but it was relatively affordable. We took a stash of US Dollars to change up while there - pretty much any bank will do this for you, but due to currency controls the process is quite long winded. You literally need to fill out all of your personal details and provide your passport to change up cash.

One interesting thing is the British influence out there. Around 1900 there was massive British investment in Argentina, so you can still see Victorian design in loads of the infrastructure. Also surprising was just how much currency being English was while we were out there - we were there during the 30th anniversary of The Falklands/Malvinas war so expected things might be a little touchy. On the contrary - when people found out that we were English they literally could not have been more interested to talk to us or more welcoming. A weird dichotomy (do not mention The Falklands though obviously).

Are you just visiting BA? We spent a month in Argentina so could recommend other sites if you’re planning to travel. Also, are you flying Iberia? Worst. Long Haul. Airline. Ever if so. Pack your own food, drink, entertainment if you’re going with those clowns.

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Yeah, just BA and flying with BA too and so it could well be Iberia with their flight share thing.

I’ll have an in depth read of both your posts later. Thanks again for the info.

Thanks hugely for this info. I was planning on taking around £50 worth of Pesos and the rest in US Dollars. I’ll have a think/rethink about how many times I want change currency if it’s a bit of a pain in the arse to do so.

I loved BA. Did lots of tourist stuff, like going to Caminito (tango), Recoleta (cool mausoleums), Palermo (Soho/Hollywood) and went to an absolutely terrifying match at boca Jrs which made the Glasgow old firm look like kid’s play.
Also got taken to a police station in the back of a blue-light flashing panda car (my travelling companion got her ipad stolen from right under our noses while having lunch, and when we called the police they whisked us off like we were the crims. DEAD EXCITING. Got some video footage of it on an old phone somewhere.)

Mostly just did wandering around and I loved it for that- this was the last week of a couple of months travelling in SA and I was fucking knackered, never wanted to see a beach again, my backpack was smelly, so I just really enjoyed being in a vibrant city and buying some new clothes tbh. Also went to a rave in the middle of nowhere and lost my precious tan leather jacket which I am still fucking gutted about and cry about sometimes.