Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The first episode was broadcast 20 years ago today, and it’s one of the greatest TV series ever (plus Angel is the rare really good spin-off show too). So, yeah, discuss and stuff.


never seen it. don’t think it’s the kind of thing you could start watching nowadays either.

Favourite season: 3
Favourite character: anya
Favourite episode: need to think about this and get back to you

How come? First couple of seasons are patchy but the rest has dated very well, probably because it was so ahead of its time

Yeah, it holds up really well. Great show.

Hi wife, I’m a grown man who wants to watch a program about cheerleaders doing karate kicks or whatever. Do you still respect me? Oh good.

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If your wife doesn’t like buffy consider divorce

One of my uni mates was obsessed with it, and as he was the only one of us with a telly, we all ended up watching it too. Was actually pretty good as far as I can remember.

Season ranking: 5,3,2,4,7,6,1
Favourite character: Xander (yeah, I know he’s a real dick)
Favourite Big Bad: The Mayor
Favourite episode: The Body

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don’t think @ohgood ever respected you tbf

I have been rewatching the entire thing from season 1 episode 1 with my eldest (12). We watch one episode a week usually and she absolutely loves it. I think it has held up really well tbh.

Favourite character: WILLOW

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It was shit

(never seen it)

The original film was better.

(never seen it)

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Another one who has never seen it.


X-Files was shit as well

(never seen that either)

re-watching it at the moment. Shadow is next.

Great series, the introduction of Buffy’s sister Dawn is still one of my favourite WTF moments in TV.


Man, I used to fancy Sarah Michelle Gellar so much.

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DiSers Choice would be Alyson Hannigan surely…?


Anyone kept up with the comics, season 8 is a mess but it gets really good after that