@bugduv Avocados are currently 49p a piece in Tesco.

that’s terrible!

Thankfully I’ve never eaten an avocado but it makes me wonder what other foods are causing horrific exploitation

Remember reading that almond farming is a terribly thirsty venture and can cause havoc with the environment and water supply. Seemed to be a particular issue in California where up to 10% of water was used to cultivate them. This in a state with drought and not uncommon water usage restrictions.


fucking hell, thought he’d died for a sec :frowning:

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Well that will make those whingeing MILLENNIALS happy.

Right? Right? Millennials? They whinge and they eat avocados?

dead serious about the price of avocados in tesco!


Yeah, similar. Don’t like short thread titles like that.

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How the fuck would I know if he had?

you might have killed him


well, how did you know about the price of avocados, eh?

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A MILLENNIAL is out shopping with his GRANDMOTHER in the supermarket

MILLENNIAL: Hey gran can I have an avocado

GRANDMOTHER: no you’re not having a cardo until you sort out that speech impediment

MILLENNIAL: lol I am so disseminating this across my socials

GRANDMOTHER: best do it quick because I heard the Facebook company are going to start charging subscriptions apparently I read that

MILLENNIAL: oh nan you are so aesthetic

ARTHUR MILLER: wow what a deft exploration of the generation gap I’d best go back in time and rip this off


I use hotukavocados.co.uk

One of the ladz off the Petrolhedz forum would’ve told you, i expect.


you have to be careful here, not all avocados are created equal

i can’t imagine a 49p avocado being much cop


Great site, make sure you explicitly consent to receive their updates after GDPR kicks in.

I had to do a bit of work to find a brace of suitable pears (this is heading into jemble territory!).

i don’t like pears. so whilst i’m glad you appeared to get what you want, i don’t really care about your pear anecdote

With an ice knife made of piss and a bag of assorted hair