Builder's Friday Thread


Gf had to go into work today so I’m up early. Well I’m not up and its not that early now.

Last day, got some basic admin stuff to do. Gonna wrap gf’s presents whilst she’s out too.

Then booze like a builder I guess.

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Was looking at the weather last night and it said I should be fine for my walk back from the MOT

Noooowww it’s saying heavy rain

Fuck off Met Office

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What what?

Pretty sure you took your car for an MOT about a month ago?

Why is it only Friday for builders

Aka Mad Friday/the original Black Friday/Twats Friday


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I needed rest so of course woke up at 4am and didn’t get back to sleep :upside_down_face:
Taking the day off again as I’m so run down and need rest

Here’s a netmummer thread about it

Got up early, like a builder, was gonna go for a walk, but it was raining, so got straight to work, like a builder. Just finished a big mug of tea, like a builder and have decided, like a builder, that I need to go back to the client about the work I was going to do today, and they’re off, like a builder. We’ve decided to get a Domino’s later, like a builder, and like a builder, I’m going to have to try my hardest to select the Italian base that I actually want, rather than getting the stuffee crust, like a builder. I think we’re gonna watch some christmas movie or something later, like a builder, and get nicely drunk, like a Twat.


If you’d called that “netmummer” I think you’d have hooked me in

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Mad Friday is the worst day of the year. Wish it was a thing this year :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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  • mad friday
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Check again

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Think a kebab is more traditional than dominos

It’s a thing without a name (the last Friday before Christmas where everyone’s out and there are loads of fights)

you can do both now #sponsoredcontent

It’s black eye Friday not Black Friday