Building a PC Thread

Dunno if we have a thread already but we.

Hopefully will have all the parts for a pc ready by next week, the majority of the parts being donated by pals including ONE VERY SPECIAL DISSER WHO’S WORK IN THE PC BUILDING COMMUNITY MEANS A LOT TO THEM thanks so much (first one I’ve owned in nearly 10 years) and have never built one myself. I’m reasonably confident I know what to do, have read some tutorials, and am quite experienced in fixing electronics, but are there any ‘curveballs’ I should be made aware of before building?

I’ve got a standard collection of screwdrivers with the right heads to assemble laptops and other things, is that enough? Bit confused about how much thermal paste I should apply. How should I position the CPU cooler? Etc

Also, one of the parts I’m buying myself is the CPU cooler. I don’t really wanna cheap out on that as I’m planning on overclocking - has anyone used one of these?

already excited for the shitposts that this machine will produce


Really feel like I’ve been held back by my hardware throughout my career. Looking forward to this new chapter.

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Thought you were biolding a politically correct thread.


The f is biolding

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you don’t actually need thermal paste, you can use any sort of paste. eg. bean paste.


No, but noctua stuff is good.

Hardest bit of pc building is connecting the front panel jumper switches and for stuff like USB ports imo

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scribbles notes hmm tomato puree does evenly distribute heat and provide protection to components.

Already dreading the wiring part :frowning:

also will smell of pasta sauce every time things heat up. a great bonus

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Livestream the whole process please


Did you see the one that was filled with beans lol

It’s not mission critical afaik - if you do the little fiddly bits wrong nothing is gonna blow up, maybe some LEDs wont work or something.

The big important bits are all (badly) labelled and mostly only fit in one hole.

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homemade pc all have windows now

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I’ve got a Noctua cooler that looks like that. Seems fine? I remember it being tricky to fit but only because I didn’t understand how it connected and then when I figured it out I felt like an absolute tool because it was really simple.

All of PC building is like that. It’s all actually really really easy… once you’ve done it once before. It’s not hard the first time, it’s just scary because it feels complicated and that your fuck ups will be expensive. But these days it’s basically consumer electronics, it all slots together in more or less the only way that it works.

Biggest scary part for me is putting RAM in because it needs way more pressure than you think it should. Check any switches at the edge of the slots are in the open position, line it up, then press. No, harder. No, harder. No, really, you want to feel like you’re about to shatter the motherboard. HARDER. NO THAT WAS TOO oh no wait yeah that’s the noise it’s supposed to make.


Almost certainly - designs have advanced a bit now where a lot stuff can be fitted by hand without tools at all

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The other thing I’m buying myself is the case, and I’ve been told by pals fractal design cases are fairly simple to build in?

The ram I’ve been donated looks like some sort of warhammer axe. Used to laptop ram that just looks like a circuit board

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I don’t think there’s a funnier, more egregious example of needlessly gendered products than gamer RAM.