Building a PC Thread

Hang on sorry I misread this as the new 5600. Yeah maybe then.

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This is pretty much what I’m looking at getting (I’m looking at the 3600X though as a lot of sites recommend it but I’m not sure if the difference between that and the 3600 is really worth the extra dough).

Not sure if that’s an endorsement or not though as I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

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Was looking at my phone when the stock alert came through this time, managed to get one into my basket, but it disappeared when I went to check out.

So close.

I might just get the 10900 or whatever it’s called instead (the comparably priced one).

will see at the weekend if i’ve moved up the queue at all

I’ve already bought my motherboard so I am now committed.

Currys reckon they’ve got more stock coming next week, but given how badly they ballsed up the PS5 launch, I’m not exactly filled with confidence.

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The exchange rate makes this a pisstake price for me but I don’t know if it’s closer to what you’d pay domestically?

I think this is too expensive. No retailers here even have them on sale at the moment though, everything just goes through the uk sites.

(Much cheaper for me to buy stuff in brexit bucks than bEUROcracy cash usually, even with shipping cos of current ex rates)

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Snagged a 3080 at RRP today. Go me.

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what do you reckon the average cost of this thread’s PCs are?

£ :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

how much did you pay for your PC plus peripherals inc monitor etc all in?

  • 0-200
  • 200-400
  • 400-600
  • 600-800
  • 800-1000
  • 1000-1200
  • 1200-1400
  • 1400-1600
  • 1600-1800
  • 1800-2000
  • 2000+

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Original build was £998 or something. Have since spent £300 on a graphics card and £140 on a monitor but those were each after four or five years of use out of the previous components so this is going to get a bit Trigger’s Broom.

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Back of a napkin, mobo + CPU (once I buy one) + RAM + graphics card is £750. Case, PSU, storage, peripherals get reused between upgrade cycles. Likely to get a PS5-speed NVMe drive at some point but don’t have it yet.

I feel like it’s not that bad once you’re doing sporadic upgrades and avoid the trap of buying new gen stuff on release. Or buying £700 motherboards.


Quite annoyed I bought a mobo already

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Hmmmm are they actually in stock??

(I think the mb+cpu bundle slows down the touts from buying them all for some reason)

I got a bundle through to checkout :man_shrugging:

girls aren’t gonna sleep with you if you have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600x processor, you know.

It started around £1,400 but has since increased to around about £2,300 over time as I’ve upgraded my peripherals steadily during the lifespan.

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