Building a PC Thread

It’s a fucking shitshow between chip shortages, crypto twats and scalpers, so just hold your nose and buy a pre-built from scan or something. If you want something with a decent graphics card you’ll need to get whatever comes with one already in it.

oh goody

what sort of range graphics card would i need to run HD remasters of games that came out circa 2001 at 60fps

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No idea tbh, emulation (assuming we’re talking emulation) is so unpredictable in what hardware it taxes

Christ, the cheapest pre-built on Scan that doesn’t have a two generations old graphics card is £1500. What a time to be alive.

maybe mine will do me for another year


but nah i’d use it for steam and gog and whatnot, might even get more into the xbox library coz my current PC just isn’t really up to it and my setup isn’t ideal. what’s a decent midrange graphics card?

I have a 1660 super that will play everything in 1080 at 60fps but it’s now 2 generations old.
Ideally though you’d want something from the 20xx generation or newer.

But I panic bought it in may 2020 just before everything disappeared for £200

And last I checked I could get about £400 for it in ebay.

What resolution are you targeting? Because if it’s 1440p or 4k then you’re a bit fucked.

Can’t overstate how fucked the graphics card market is at the moment. That £370 card I bought today is the higher end of mid-range for 1080p high refresh rate stuff. The RTX 2060 Super I’m upgrading from cost £350 in 2019 and now goes for £400 on eBay. Yes, more than the new cost of the one I just bought. All the nVidia 30xx series are rare as rocking horse teeth. The previous 20xx series aren’t even being made any more and are stupid prices second hand. So you need to go back another generation to like the 1650 or 1660 ti, and the only one of them I found actually in stock was still £280. And it doesn’t support ray tracing, and I don’t think it supports DLSS, which ironically is the upscaling tech that would let midrange stuff maintain high frame rates in current and future games.

£280 for a two generation old card, if you can find one, that is already nearing obsolescence if you’re not at 1080p.

Don’t really know the AMD line as well but it’s a similar story except they’re mostly worse.

Honestly, it’s a horrible time to get a gaming PC.

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nobody needs ore than 1080p, come on.

oh really, my god. how is one supposed to do a bit of video game playing without their rays being traced at all times. and no DLSS? what am i, an animal?

ok i’ll spend £300. thanks dr epimer.

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Get one with more than 4 GB of RAM anyway


No RGB, waste of money

Absolute unit


My 980ti is still going strong god bless it!