Building a PC Thread

Hope your CPU throttled and saved itself.

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Yeah my noctua fans are knackered too


Hahaha of course they’re not!


Yeah it’s fine, thankfully

:slightly_smiling_face: I finally removed my Noctua cooler from the old motherboard last night in preparation. Can I find the new mounting brackets they sent me to fit the new AMD socket? Of course I fucking can’t.

Might have to use the shudder stock cooler

Might as well just leave the case open and blow on the CPU.

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Yes. Yes I can.

Cleaning thermal paste off a CPU is fucking terrifying, isn’t it

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edit: didn’t post as a reply did I


Yeah ok that’s knocked 25 degrees off the idling temperature while being quieter.

I’m back on Team Beige and Reddish brown

Can’t get any money back but there’s 4 days left on the warranty, so I’m getting a free replacement.

…anyone want a brand new, unopened, previous owner isn’t going fucking near it, NZXT M22 AIO cooler…?

I don’t have any Noctua fans in either of my current PCs, which makes me a bit sad.

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You have the same cpu as me don’t you?

I think my idle temps could be a bit lower (think they’re around mid 40s)

(No thanks I don’t want your super soaker)



Normally sitting around 30ish with the CPU core voltage bumped to 1.2V idle but the most taxing thing it’s doing just now is playing the Sunn o))) live album so I guess it’s chilling out. Going up to 45ish under load in Forza and Halo.

When the AIO was making its death noises it was idling at 55, rising to above 75 before I pulled the plug. Thank god the 5600X is so thermally efficient compared to the bigger daddies in that series.

Already been baggsied by one of Dr Mrs Epimer’s friends. I have warned him.

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Yeah I think i probably ballsed up putting the paste on when I installed mine, don’t think I can be bothered to try and sort it out…

I’ve also got that ridiculous behemoth case remember, which is the size that it is for increased efficiency of air cooling. So two case fans at the front, two on the CPU, and one on the top to pull more air through everything.

Would not recommend reapplying thermal paste for the sake of a few degrees. Too scary trying to clean the old residue off without pressing down on the CPU and potentially fucking it/the motherboard/your life.

Got a mixture of Corsairs and Noctuas now and keep thinking “hey, maybe I should make it all Noctua, and colour coordinate to black and grey while I’m at it”, but… there needs to be limits somewhere, and I think “spunking money up the wall to replace perfectly good fans for colour coordination and brand loyalty” is over the line

This is a wonderful sentence.

Love reading this thread with only the barest of ideas as to what’s going on. Like Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ but with better cooling.


can’t believe they still haven’t built their PC though, it’s been ages


thermal paste…

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