Building a PC Thread

this basically, I built my last PC having done nothing more than swap RAM and hard drives around before. watched a video of someone doing it, followed along, was easy enough - only issues I had were caused by me not following the instructions properly

In the past I’ve managed to short the memory, and not seat the heatsink correctly on the CPU, so my last upgrade was a motherboard with these components built by someone else. I did all the other bits though

What’s the best value card at the moment with a bit of longevity? 3060ti?

Upgrading from a 1660. Won’t need 4k or even 2k resolution in the foreseeable future, but do have a 144hz monitor.

(Gonna wait to see if any price drops with the new gen announced, but I doubt it)

I think the 3060Ti/Super and 3070 level is the sweet spot. If you can get an ok deal (let’s not pretend there are going to be any bargains) on something in that performance tier then that’ll keep you going in 1080p for a while.

I’d favour >8GB VRAM as a tie breaker between similar cards and preferably 16GB rather than 12 for future proofing, there’s already some chonky textures out there this gen

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You wont need those cards for 10 years

No idea about the Radeon cards, I’m resentful enough at keeping these fucking Nvidia numbers in my head

was thinking I might be due an upgrade at some point on my PC as it’s a few years old, wasn’t top notch then and it’s been struggling recently when I try and play F1 Manager whilst streaming it, which is weird cos other games have generally been fine while streaming so a management game wouldn’t be my first choice for what pushes it too much.

figured I could try and play with some settings first though before spending any money - had a read around, disabled a couple of things that I don’t need that would have been hogging resources, updated a driver or two, that sort of thing. not expecting big things, but should helpm

so obviously after these improvements it’s worse now :upside_down_face: