Building a PC Thread

This post is still true and I’m still coming in here to read every new development!

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You’re getting in on the first floor of the new AMD platform, so it’ll be a piece of piss to upgrade to a better CPU lots of years from now if you need to.

With that said, the 7800X3D is already available at under £350 and there could be some good Black Friday deals, so if you could stretch another £100, you could get the best gaming CPU going right now.

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I might see if I can find a black friday deal on a graphics card. Looks like I can spend about £200, and improve my graphics performance tenfold. My old card is from 2018, so you’d hope new cards would be better, but I wasn’t expecting that much of a jump

how come btw, forgot to ask. seemed a bit extravagant in the first place so was thinking about spending even less on that tbh.

Sorry, wasn’t clear - meant if you changed from an AMD CPU to an Intel one you’d need to change the motherboard to one with a compatible socket too.

I have no beef with that particular AMD-compatible motherboard.

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£85 for a 2 TB NVMe SSD from Bezos. Don’t mind if I do.

Yeah, after a bit of reading I need to spend at least five hundred quid, and, glad I remembered, I’ll also need a new PSU too. My credit card hurts now

Changing a power supply is a massive ballache isn’t it?

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I think we have the same build going

turning my old machine into a dedicated plex server.

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Jimbo has been going on about wanting to get Forza, and it was half price on Steam’s black friday sale, but I downloaded it (over 100GB?!?!?!?) and then after all that my old graphics card wasn’t good enough

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wanna be the kind of dad who goes out and buys a 4070 in response to that, rather than the one I probably will be where I say something like - 'have you tried turning down the resolution to 480?`


It’s all psychological - I was that kid in the 80s whose parents bought a Dragon 32 rather than a Spectrum or Commodore 64, and I was the uncool kid at school as a result. So everything now is a reaction to what happened in the playground more than 30 years ago


m8, I had a Sam Coupé

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FFS After a lot of swearing, I got the new bits installed (which thankfully wasn’t a motherboard out job like I’d feared), and Forza STILL doesn’t work. And Civilization’s fucked. Arse.

I’m going to reinstall it, and hope that does the job (yes all the drivers have been updated after I upgraded)

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Parents, eh?

How is it not working? Does it not start, or just run slow?

Brings up the initial screen of country legal speak, then shuts down.

I’ve uninstalled it now, so It’ll take a while to re-install it to properly detail what it does

The problem there is that Civ is trying to run at 3200 x 1800, but my monitor is 3840 x 2160 (with the next resolution down being 2560 x 1600). Even if I change the PC settings to 2560 x 1600, it still tries to fire up hi res, and the cursor positions don’t match up with the screen positions. I thought a new graphics card would be better :angry:

BBC B here. My parents are very middle class. [But my first computer was ZX81. I fucking loved that computer. Still have it.]

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Which civ is it? I had a similarish problem with civ v before