Building a PC Thread

Harsh but fair. Have to respect it.

Right I’ve figured this out so I’m posting here for posterity/the 5 minutes before this becomes outdated.

For pure gaming framerates, if you’re running at 1080p and especially if your monitor runs higher than 60 Hz, you want the best Intel processor in your budget. The i9s are overkill. But if you’re running at higher resolutions, AMD starts to get better. They’re also generally better for non-gaming tasks like 3D rendering and streaming.

For budget builds, the 2020 AMD Ryzen 3 series is the easy winner.

God I’m bored of CPU chat.

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Sorry if this is late but a soundbar should only be considered if you dont have space for a pair of stereospeakers. I personally recommend getting a pair of bookshel powered speakers/monitors if space is avaliable and have the tweeters firing at each ear.

A £100 soundbar will sound kinda poop. A £100 pair of powered speakers can sound surprisingly great if you shop around/do some research.

I personally use these

They’re about 75% the size of normal bookshelfs and they certainly sound way better than an equivalently priced soundbar (also have lots of connectivity options too!) if you dont need bluetooth you can get a version of the speakers for £80 odd (these ones are around £119)

If you’re looking to spend less than £100 soundbars are 100% a no go

You’re too late but thanks. Went for a set of Edifier 2.0 which I already have the same model in the lounge x

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Interesting that I recommended an Edifier im psychic!