Built to Spill – Keep It Like A Secret

I thought they were like 7/10 good live. They are a three piece now so you miss some of the texture of the old band. They def arent showmen in the least, there was no fancy setup at all, one guitar amp faces Doug, he never chnages guitars, the only movements he makes are to switch pedals or tweak some knobs. The bassist’s rig sits for back and he doesnt move either. The drummer looked half asleep the whole time and really added nothing at all, just kept the beat. If you love the band tho you should def see them just to nerd out over Doug’s playing, and his voice sounds great live.

Prob didnt help that they followed the Afghan Whigs (they are co-headlining on this tour) who blew the doors off with their closing handful of tracks.

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think this would be a really great pairing, two indie/slack rock guitar gods with bad voices and no stage presence. the afghan whigs pairing was a little weird to me, their fanbases didnt seem to crossover much at all.

Speaks a lot to how good this album is that Bad Light has zero votes! Love how that song builds and builds and finally gives into the hook at the end. Just a really well paced track.

Perfect From Now on is their best album making this WHOLE thread redundant.

thanks for the reply :roll_eyes:

SOMEONE had to say what we’re all thinking

People already said it above, albeit without the trolly tone.

Anyway I guess it’s true you’re only allowed to like one album by this band and the rest is a dumpster fire. good call.

I never said this album was bad :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually very fond of it. I was being dramatic for dramatic sake

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Well get on w it then, pick your three favs and talk about those!

Carry The Zero is one of the greatest indie rock songs ever written

I had already voted :wink:


i played myself not voting for this

Listened to Perfect From Now On and Keep It Like A Secret back to back yesterday as I had access to my CDs. So brilliant. My Da was listening to them as well and loved them.

amazing band

Love this band. I didn’t get into them until 2006, weirdly thanks to ATP’s Nightmare Before Xmas in Minehead, they weren’t playing but the sound guy stuck the CD of You In Reverse on between every set in the main room so by the end of the weekend I’d heard it all the way through about 5 times and knew I needed to investigate further.

I think I also saw them on that tour with Dino Jr, amazing stuff!

Perfect From Now On is my favourite but Keep It Like A Secret is a very close second.

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@anon73286315 speak your peace, friend.

dig it

never really listen to playlists cos i’m a bore (occasionally shuffle stuff or make em’ for long trips) but this makes me wanna boot up paint

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i really, really like that ‘There Is No Enemy’ album, especially Hindsight

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They are a three piece now? Are we sure about this?

Forget which song, but that line “What about Canada” kills, and I have no idea why.

Might have reversed my position on this following a bit of a revisit of both this morning