Built to Spill – Keep It Like A Secret



just listening to this right now and really clicking with it. absolutely ace. really loving the slide guitar. and the nimble clean-ish guitar, especially in that brief EitS-esque aside early in the song.


When i made covers for playlists I made I did one with this album on, probably one of my fav album covers ever


dig it

never really listen to playlists cos i’m a bore (occasionally shuffle stuff or make em’ for long trips) but this makes me wanna boot up paint


i really, really like that ‘There Is No Enemy’ album, especially Hindsight


Cant remember the songs i put on these but there was unknown mortal orchestra, the gorillaz song with mf doom, perfume and miike snow


They are a three piece now? Are we sure about this?


Forget which song, but that line “What about Canada” kills, and I have no idea why.


Might have reversed my position on this following a bit of a revisit of both this morning


Properly rediscovered my love for this record thanks to this thread. It’s so fucking good eh


that’s what they are touring as atm anyway.


Cheers for the tip off with this album theShipment - never heard it before and it’s ace.