Built to Spill – Keep It Like A Secret



just listening to this right now and really clicking with it. absolutely ace. really loving the slide guitar. and the nimble clean-ish guitar, especially in that brief EitS-esque aside early in the song.


When i made covers for playlists I made I did one with this album on, probably one of my fav album covers ever


dig it

never really listen to playlists cos i’m a bore (occasionally shuffle stuff or make em’ for long trips) but this makes me wanna boot up paint


i really, really like that ‘There Is No Enemy’ album, especially Hindsight


Cant remember the songs i put on these but there was unknown mortal orchestra, the gorillaz song with mf doom, perfume and miike snow


They are a three piece now? Are we sure about this?


Forget which song, but that line “What about Canada” kills, and I have no idea why.


Might have reversed my position on this following a bit of a revisit of both this morning


Properly rediscovered my love for this record thanks to this thread. It’s so fucking good eh


that’s what they are touring as atm anyway.