Built to Spill – Keep It Like A Secret


Smashing show last night at Thekla. I’m never going to choose any band playing the whole of any album, but they did the decent thing and played it out of order, plus a couple of covers and In the Morning, Hurt a Fly and I think something else.

Doug is basically magic.

Surprised to see so many young people there. Not a clue where that crowd came from, but a welcome change from the usual guffy old man crowd you get at the se things, and a bit more space as less tummies to fit in.


I really enjoyed them in Leeds on Wednesday, the Brudenell was sold out. I was expecting them to do it in order so was pleasantly surprised when they mixed it up.

I’ve seen them a few times and although I know Doug never appears particularly enthusiastic, he really seemed like he didn’t want to be there initially but after two or three songs he loosened up a bit.

They encored with an REM cover I didn’t recognise and finished with Carry The Zero.


Yeah, they were good at the Brudenell the other night. I dunno about you but I felt they took a while to warm up though? Thought his band were a little lifeless at first? But when it clicked on songs like Broken Chairs and Carry the Zero it was immense! That outro to Carry the Zero was something else.


Def a bit of this last night too, but put that down to them front loading all the album tracks and holding back the good ones.

Sort of why I hate whole album shows; bands forcing themselves to play songs that no one is that into (Although I do like all those songs).


[I should add I very much did not hate this show, twas great]


Yeah, that’s kind of what I was referring to with Doug’s apparent reticence. It felt a bit uncomfortable, like you’d walked in on an argument. But when they got going they were as great as ever.

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That’s annoying…

Can anyone point me in the direction of set times for tonight?


Dice still says doors at 7 with curfew at 11 and 2 supports. So, guess Built to Spill won’t be on until around 9.




Really wasn’t very impressed last night, song order was a bit weird for me, felt like they played them from least to most popular and didn’t get in to gear until Broken Chairs. Saving off Carry The Zero for the encore didn’t make much sense either for an album show. Didn’t help that they were all totally static and silent the whole time.


I wish they’d just played it in order as well. I love that album and this was a show for people who love that album. The sequencing of an album is a key part of the enjoyment of it for the people who enjoy it.


So Built to Spill always passed me by for some reason, but always read good things and had gone through this thread when i saw this in the record shop in the week and just thought fuck it and bought it (annoying that none of their supposed best albums are on spotify to have a listen!)

And yea, its really good after a couple of listens, looking forward to further listens this week.

Too much rambling so in short; thanks everyone for writing so passionately and persuading me to buy it blind :smiley: