Built to Spill – Perfect From Now On

Lotta folks in the Keep It Like a Secret thread said they preferred this album so let’s poll it and talk about it. Pick your three favorites:

  • Randy Described Eternity – 6:09
  • I Would Hurt a Fly – 6:15
  • Stop the Show – 6:26
  • Made-Up Dreams – 4:52
  • Velvet Waltz – 8:33
  • Out of Site – 5:33
  • Kicked It in the Sun – 7:32
  • Untrustable / Part 2 (About Someone Else)" – 8:53

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Might could have to go with Randy Described Eternity as my #1 off this here. Actually might just vote for the first three tracks. Leaving out Velvet Waltz feels wrong tho.

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I’m glad you gave three votes instead of one. Sixteen years after hearing the album for the first time, I’m still not ready to make a call on Velvet Waltz vs. Untrustable.


Hi. This is the only built to spill album I own (recommend on here like)

Keep meaning to buy keep it like a secret but pfno feels kind of UNDEFEATABLE.

Should get on it tho.

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For me;

Perfect From Now On > Keep It Like A Secret > There’s Nothing Wrong With Love > You In Reverse > There Is no Enemy > Untethered Moon >>> Ultimate Alternative Wavers

For some reason I’ve still not heard Ancient Melodies of the Future

Listened to Keep It Like A Secret and Perfect From Now On B2B yesterday for the first time in years. Both brilliant. Prefer Perfect From Now On as it was the first album of theirs that I ever heard, and Randy Described Eternity is just an amazing opener.


listening to this with new ears and it’s so good.

So come on over yeaaaaaeeeaaaaaeeeea
Lets sit down a little while
Some wine… you will find, the same… things

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We’re special in other ways
Ways our mothers appreciate


even the release on this song still has tension. not sure it ever fully lets go of the rope, fights it all the way til the end which is why only a fade out worked there.

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Oh man, Out of Site rules. great coda

Looks like there is a clear top 4 on this one.

I’m really surprised that Untrustable is near the bottom, it’s easily a top 3 Built to Spill song for me and I’d always assumed that was a pretty standard opinion. That outro is really something.

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What. A. Band.

Perfect From Now On > There’s Nothing Wrong With Love > Keep It Like A Secret > Ultimate Alternative Wavers > There Is no Enemy > You In Reverse > Untethered Moon

For some reason I’ve also still not heard Ancient Melodies of the Future, and I don’t REALLY know Untethered Moon, and I totally love Living Zoo so maybe it is great.

I Would Hurt A Fly must be number one, surely?

AMotF was my first BTS album, so I have a big soft spot for it. ‘Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss’ still makes me grin like a goon.

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In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. It’s practically perfect.

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I feel compelled to tell this story every time BtS come up, but I have been a fan for a very long time, but in 2007 I had somehow only seen them once, at a pretty bad Glastonbury show, where they headlined a tent and there was no one there (1999 maybe?). I was also brimming with the booze.

Then in 2007 I went on holiday to Australia and discovered they were playing at the same time, on something stupid like January 2nd. I read an interview in advance that said it was their first time in Oz so would break from their tradition of mainly playing new songs with a bit of old, and do full career spanning sets. Man it was such a treat, in a smallish room, with great drinks. I lost my mind.

Not a good story, but a very good time.

EDIT - Just checked and the set list included:

In the Morning
Centre of the universe
Time Trap
Twin Falls
Velvet Waltz
Carry the Zero
Randy Described Eternity


Digging around on Setlist FM, this set isn’t as unique as I was expecting.

So, you know, shut up Huntspill.

They played a cover of Paper Planes by M.I.A when I saw them…