Hello there,

Ms Motorway and I are off to Bulgaria in June for our holidays - we’ve booked flights but nothing else.

Anyone got recommendations?

We’re looking for some good food, sun, probably somewhere nice and quiet - reachable without a car. Seaside looks nice, but maybe want to avoid anywhere too touristy and rawwwkus.

You’d be making me a really happy man, you can be sure.

God bless

Bul-gar-ria!, bul-gar-ria!, bul-gar-ria!, Bul-gar-ria! (to the tune of Victoria by the fall)

I know nothing about bulgaria but i wish you all the best.

I have been to Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo. Both are great but you probs only need a couple of days in each. It’s mega cheap.

All I’ll say is watch yourself in the Varna Archaeological Museum. They’re tricky bastards in there, but I can sort you out with discounted tickets before you go. €11 for 2

Plovdiv is absolutely delightful. Cannot promise amazing food, sun or quiet, but it is gorgeous and has tonnes of history behind it. It’s about 3 hours from Sofia on the bus.

Lived in Bulgaria for 3 years, so know the country quite well.

Where are you flying into and are you thinking about travelling around on buses/trains? From there, I can give you recommendations.