Bullet Journaling

What is it, and no I will NOT Google it?

I have just seen that a place near me is running a course on it which they’re charging 35 EUROS for two hours. What the fuck?

During the ‘Bullet Journaling for Starters’ workshop I will explain to you what bullet journaling is and how you can apply it to your life. Together we set up your journal and we investigate what works for you and what doesn’t.

You will receive a BuJo starter kit consisting of a bullet journal, fineliner, pencil and ruler. We start the afternoon with a nice cup of coffee or tea and then we get started.

The workshop takes place with a minimum of 3 participants and there is room for 8 participants.

Anyone here ever done it before?

  • I do not know what Bullet Journaling is and have never heard of it
  • I do not know what Bullet Journaling is but I have heard of it
  • I know what Bullet Journalling is but have never done a workshop on it
  • I know what Bullet Journalling is and have done a workshop on it
  • I run a Bullet Journalling workshop
  • I do not know what Bullet Journaling is but I run a Bullet Journalling workshop

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BuJo for BoJo


I want in.

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One of those things where people who do it talk about it A LOT.

Have never kept any kind of journal let alone a bullet one.

Do sort of regret it, because diaries are fascinating, but on the couple of times I’ve tried I can’t do it, I can’t write something not for an audience, when the audience is future me it’s cringeworthy. We all have Facebook albums now anyway, which serve a similar purpose of reminding me what I was doing and how I felt on any given day.

Probably one of those snake oil organisational tools for actual sociopaths





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I have one but I don’t think I really follow the “rules”, just use it as a to-do list that resets every month mostly

Ok I’ve read the Wikipedia description and I think it’s basically the same as the mess of post-it notes on my desk.

Can you tell me how it’s supposed to work?

Do you have 35 euros?


You file a trade mark then charge people £30 an hour to teach them how to write to-do lists.

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Where is the “I know what this is but have never heard of it” option?

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I was gonna add it but I forgot.

It’s cool though cos it’s got ‘bullet’ in it

Alright Zach de la Rocha

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  • dear journal
  • Today I saw a dog
  • Had some dog cheese
  • Went to bed.
  • Stomach ache

A thing 43% of dissers would try*

*At time of publication