Bullshit jobs AT YOUR PLACE OF WORK you don't understand


Project Managers - Sure they could be useful, but we have 2 project managers in the space of about 10 yards of each other who’s only tasks it seems are to cry, order the biscuits for meetings, and wind people up with incessant endless pointless emails.

30k, cheers.


The health and safety folk. Just don’t have industrial accidents, dummies.


just JIRA tings


Love project managers. Get paid fuck loads to do literally nothing.


30k for a project manager? They need to go elsewhere.


I think about 70% of dis are project managers btw.


management is important isn’t it
i need someone to manage me


They don’t actually manage anyone, they manage an idea.


this is the most management consultant thing i’ve ever read on this website :smiley:


It is quite an easy job to coast in if you’re in an environment with loads of cash and fuck all accountability. But the good ones get paid the big bucks for a reason


someone at my work’s actual job title is ‘the head of face’


I’ve found those at the larger corporations I’ve been at have been more blatantly fucking around, kinda love it.


king of stock footage still makes me chuckle every now and then.


I keep getting bugged to go to fire and rescue training.

Rather burn to death than get rescued, thanks.


Chlamydia lead.


They might let you use a fire extinguisher though.


Acronyms for acronums sake.


See, its easy.


credit control

huge bank with loads of money needs convincing to pay invoice sent as a result of many rounds of negotiations and paperwork and purchase invoices and project acceptance


Wish they fucking would.


Basically all jobs should be reduced to:

i) making the thing
ii) selling the thing
iii) misc admin, including money stuff

And then doctors.

All other jobs are superfluous.