Bunch of tories on this train to guildford

Homeless man asks for money or food and is very apologetic and polite. I give him some change straight away and this group of dickheads offer him some of their food, which is fine. But the doors haven’t even closed behind the man as he goes into the next carriage and they start laughing, saying how he was gagging for their leftovers and generally mocking him. They’re in their 30s/40s, 8 or 9 of them, well dressed and are now discussing netflix documentaries.
Wanted to speak up but I’m a woman alone on the train surrounded by a group of very sinister people. What the fuck is wrong with them? I know its naive to be shocked but i am. The man was so thankful as he left, just imagining how fucking terrible he feels with these pricks braying after him. I wish i could tell them off so much, tell them how disgusting their behaviour is but I can’t so I’m posting it here :sob:


fucking disgusting


Honestly it makes me want to cry, at the systems that allow people to have to beg to eat in the first place in a so called civilised nation, the confidence in which people cam behave like this with no reprocsions because so many think like this, the government included, and if someone like me complains, this is what they get

It’s so depressing :disappointed: :sleepy:


yeah it’s so heart-breaking and terrible, I don’t know what to do in the face of this kind of stuff, like you say it makes you want to cry but then you want to be strong in the face of it and determined not to give in to the horrible racist miserable shit that is thrown at you, not to let them win. More than the individual though the depressing thing is thinking how easy it is to manipulate people into having these opinions, makes you feel like you’ve already lost. So sorry this is happening!

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Oops i made so many typos, very sleepy atm but just wanted to vent a bit, i was so mad at them that i imagined zombies coming onto the train eating them all


hateful people with platforms have brought out the hate in so many people

sorry you didn’t feel safe/comfortable calling it out - understandable, obviously

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like @GentleGiant said, this is the worst country in the world

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It honestly feels that way sometimes :sleepy:

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their wives and kids probably hate them, that’s why they hang out in packs

They were 50/50 male and female at a glance, they were all awful :confounded: