When was the last time you encountered some good bunting?

  • I like bunting
  • I don’t care about bunting
  • I don’t know what bunting is

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If someone were to put some bunting up near me I’d probably think “huh, I wonder what that bunting is for” but I probably wouldn’t make any effort to find out.


Do used car dealerships still go in for a bit of buntinh

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Came in here to post this

Lots of bunting in the Peak District. Feels very tory imo

Bunting has been surpassed by fairy lights

My mum makes bunting and sells it at local craft fairs etc or sometimes gives it as a gift to people she knows. That’s what I have to say about bunting.

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Funny you should ask. I found some bad bunting about 10 mins ago and thought ‘i wish I’d bought good bunting instead of this cheap crap’


it can be nice but it can also be Tory, like a lot of things that are maybe traditional or ‘nice’ in a ‘polite’ way because politeness is about being correct and is therefore something that discriminates against things that are culturally different.

I am down for progressive multicultural bunting

Matt Damon bought me some as part of a gift package after he scratched my car.

goodwill bunting

My mum made personalised bunting for our cousins who have 10 grandkids. Each piece of fabric has one of the kids’ names on. It’s well sweet