burger construction

oh heh

think my optimum construction would be the same as a maccers double quarter pounder w/ cheese but without the gerkin layer

just have a bacon sandwich

if you want a burger have a burger

dont do this bastardisation

@Mert he’s calling you a bacon bastard! You gonna stand for that?!


although the ceremony of picking them out and discarding them in the box lid is an integral part of the experience so maybe they can stay

Bacon Burger Babies is what I call people like @Mert and @Funkhouser

or Bacon Burger Bastard Babies, if i get really irked

tell us more about this coleslaw burger, freak

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coleslaw on side of burger - real common

just saves a step doesn’t it, burger efficiency. Meant to be fast food after all!

chucks the chips inside it too while you’re at it

And the drink

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now we’re cookin with gas

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yeah this is fine, coleslaw though man, idk. just going to ooze out and make a mess isn’t it

forgot that burgers were usually tidy

You’re a real piece of work

Enjoy your coleslaw burger you vile man


Bun top
Tomato ketchup
Bun bottom


Just burst out laughing cos this has genuinely riled me


they are until people start adding loads of mad shit to them yeah. “oooh try our mexican burger, it’s got guac and salsa on” absolutely not


i’ll put a gif in here next time i have it

put as much coleslaw on as i physically can

fuck it, forget the burger, just coleslaw and sauce in a bun