Burger sauce

It’s a good sauce.


No it isn’t


It’s good, but we’ve just got this and it’s better

bacon flavoured things are bad
mayo is the worst substance on planet earth

this looks like the devil’s jizz


Vegetarian…hmmm.where you getting that from?

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What a negative Nelly!

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I like those two mixed together.

Ketchup and mustard

  • True artists
  • Fake and shite

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that’s me

The best sauce is boiled potato sauce


These are the two worst opinions ever posted to this website. And there is some competition.

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you’re a moron asshole

You used to be nice.

Do you reckon anyone is buying this from there?

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Tell you what about sauce. Mayo is obviously great, but Helmann’s is fucking shite. Really congealed quality to it and lacking the creamy sensuality of a great mayo. Basically any shop brand mayo is better.

Fucking mugs that’s who. Normally we use americansweets.co.uk but they were out of stock of peanut butter m&ms.

This stuff

  • How are you always right?
  • Some other weird opinion

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I’m sorry to inform you but this is incorrect

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