Burger sauce

Never tried this but make up our own sriracha mayo a lot.

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Enjoy your dry tuna sandwich at Reading

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tell you what is nice


  • true and correct opinion as always jook

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It’s for people born full of flavour.

Very rarely have mayonnaise without mixing in some variety of hot sauce.

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Anyone tried ‘Saucy Sauce’? It’s basically burger sauce. Lush m9s.

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Probably exactly the same to be fair

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think ketchup is the only good sauce.

coleslaw and mayo are the worst

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This post confuses me

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wildly hungover

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In what world is this a sauce?

Reggae reggae sauce



  • sauce
  • not a sauce

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hate it when places call it ‘slaw’. usually restaurants that describe themselves as a ‘joint’


mugged off, all of you.

Sauces can’t have any bits or chunks larger than 5mm, it’s a UN directive.

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Sriracha is mad overated


It is shredded vegetables in a sauce

Yeah, it’s fine but that’s it.

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Kewpie Mayonnaise is the shit.