Burial 2023

Subtemple | Burial

WHAT that’s two in six months!

Just spinning it now…

Alright, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

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Think he’s forgotten to do the percussion.

I swear they start putting the Christmas stuff out earlier every year


3 minutes in and nothing’s happened yet

Think this sort of sound works really well as like short interludes on an album or as components of his longer EP tracks. But as standalone pieces? I think there are other folk doing a better job making long-form ‘city soundscape’ ambient music.


After one listen, my gut feeling is that the ambient approach isn’t really adding anything to his work and I don’t really feel like the 12" format is the best to explore it either. Can’t see myself listening to this that much.

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Yup. For anyone intrigued by this style, my recommendation would be BJNilsen’s The Short Night and The Invisible City

I quite like Beachfires (again he couldn’t have picked a more Burial sounding title) but I wish it did a bit more.

Pretty sure he’s already got a song called Subtemple

  1. it’s dull as fuck
  2. it’s 2017!

Bleep description is: “ghost hardware urban ambience and Metal Gear Solid garage.” Should I let them know the left the ‘b’ out of the last word?

This just isn’t very good.

It reminded me of Susumu Yokota for a bit. Pleasant enough, but not amazing.

With this coming after Young Death/Nightmarket, I’m wondering if the beats plugin has accidentally been patched out of SoundForge.

Really really hope the second sentence applies only to Burial and not to Susumu Yokota.

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Yeah, just this EP. I love me some Yokota, but this isn’t quite there. I don’t think Burial doing ambient is a bad idea at all, this is just a bit too sparse. Although, I’ve gone back to Young Death and enjoyed it, so maybe this needs another go.

That is two ‘interlude’ EPs in a row though - the next one had better be a banger…

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I bought this in an excited flutter, completely not remembering that I thought the last EP was dull as fuck. So this conversation is giving me buyers remorse even before I get to listen to it on my commute home tonight. :frowning:

At least it’s only two quid! Barely a Twix and a half.

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Thank you for reminding me I could be eating a Twix now instead… :rage: