Burning mouth technique

You have put some food that is far too hot for consumption in your mouth. Drat. What technique do you employ to deal with the situation?

I favour grabbing a well placed drink and extinguishing the burn, if no drink is available I slightly inflate my cheeks so the burning food isn’t touching the inner walls of my mouth. Failing all that I will just spit it out but that’s a last resort.

So any stories about burning your mouth funny or otherwise?

Clearly pizza is the worst offender but an argument could be made for microwave lasagne.

More or less just tilt my head up and try and get as much air flowing in and out of my mouth as possible while a muffled FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK hangs in the atmosphere



head back, huff and puff like I’m giving birth

Ultimate food for burning the sweet living fuck out of your mouth is a Findus Crispy Pancake. Lava in a crispy coating.

Yep any hot food that is encased in an edible shell like a crispy coating or pastry needs to be treated with caution and utter respect.


Gotta keep it moving around the mouth to prevent any one bit of exposed flesh from properly burning while using the cooler bits of flesh to bring down the food temperature.


Roast potatoes for me. Too good not to eat molten but holy hell

Sub-thread: Worst food for burning your mouth?

Any kind of cooked tomato which has retained it’s original form - basically a sphere of molten lava.


Always, ALWAYS cut into these before I eat them. Releases some of the molten pressure.

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So annoying when you take time and effort to make something nice and you fuck your own enjoyment by borking your tongue on the first mouthful.


Just spit it straight out, I don’t care what I look like, I’m too ulcer prone to risk burning my mouth at all.

I normally go with the emergency drink protocol

Been burnt my pizza more than any other foodstuff I think

Recently disocvered that this is a thing in some university parts of new york

its a normal hot pizza, but they dump a load of cold cheese on top to stop it from burning the roof of your mouth

I mean you could just wait another minute or two


Cherry tomatoes that have been cooked but are still whole. Hot little grenades of pain.


Microwaved sweet potato.

  1. Frantically try to eat it
  2. Abandon the attempt and spit it out
  3. Complain to my wife about what I just did and how I can’t taste food now
  4. Immediately take another bite and go back to step 1


^this, while keeping air flow going

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protect my mouth with a layer of candle wax