Burnley or Hebden Bridge

It probably does! In many ways it’s a much better, more happening and open-minded place than the dark days of the early 2000s. Maybe still a lot of work to be done though.

I’ve barely left my house (in Clitheroe) for most of this year, but can confirm Sanctuary is a great bar and gig venue if you like your rock and metal.

Love Hebden Bridge

Shot this music video around there in January

I’m sure Burnley is fine, but staying in a house in Burnley, cooking for yourself instead of just going to a pub to eat, on a cold November evening, and spending nearly £150+ for the privilege, after losing 4-0 to Newcastle isn’t really the dream.

£30 for a ticket
£45 for my share of fuel
£50 for my share of the air B&B.
Plus food and drink for a couple of days

Perhaps if we play again in August or April and stay around Hebden Bridge, it would be fun.

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Fair enough, you could have a weekend in Seville for that!