Burnout in the Music Industry. I wanna help!

This is for all you artists and music professionals who are heading for burn-out due to a demanding career coupled with a party lifestyle, and looking for a better way to live that keeps you alive, kicking, and making money way past 27! I’d love it if you could take 5 minutes to do this quick confidential survey to help me build a positive future direction for my people in music. Please pass it on to anyone you know in the industry. I’m trying to get as many responses as possible! Thanks

Is there anything in your life or career that you aren’t able to do because of all the bloody stress & pressure you’re experiencing ? What would you be doing if you felt more Beyoncé-like (chilled and self-confident) ?



I really don’t feel like I could answer any of these questions but I wish you well!

Too burnt out?

I’m back in the game! Where’s the link?!


is your heavy lifestyle affecting your ear for a great track?

Using sweatshops to make my clothing line

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