Burns Night Evening Thread

Haven’t done one of these for a while.

Since it’s Burns Night I’m making… cheese scones. Can’t wait.

Do not let me talk myself out of going to the gym tonight. Force me please.

What are you all up to? What’s for dinner? You know the drill…

Mediterranean Vegetable pasta and homemade tomato sauce.

Back to work tomorrow, so building up the CBA levels right now


Not up to much, gonna watch Cosmopolis in a bit. Having escalopes, broccoli and potatoes for tea.

The guardian is telling me to celebrate virginia woolf night instead coz burns was a sex pest. :thinking:

Also, hi @xylo!


Can you repeat that in an hour or so please?

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Keeping with Burns Night tradition, I had Mediterranean Vegetable lasagne with homemade tomato sauce.

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Mostly nagging you to go to the gym.

Also eating lasagne in a bit


Thanks x

I’m on my way to the gym. DO IT.

I’m currently feeling like the ugliest frumpiest person on the planet today. I can’t shake it and have been feeling it for days! I don’t know what to do.

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Happy to repeat it in every post until you’ve gone.

(Go to the gym)


Well you know that’s not true so it’ll pass soon. Have you got anywhere to to go at the weekend that you can get dressed up and wear something sparkly?

3/5 of my house are Scottish so I’m having my first ever Haggis!

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Drinking some sludge sours at goose island’s tap room. I’m quite drunk guys. Gotta make haggis toosties in a bit :grimacing:


ooh where’s that?

My generic veggie curry is almost ready. Gonna give that Britannia a chance whilst eating it, I think.

I am completely covered in cat hair, so in other words having a good day.

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Balham :nauseated_face:

Laelfs, go to the gym mate.

I ordered a nice dress from Monki and it’s fucking shit and too tight around my thighs so that’s probably added to it!

Getting a thigh complex but I need the big thighs!!

oooft, never mind

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Cooking pasta. Put Joni Mitchell shuffle on the Amazon dot thing. The revised version of Both Sides Now just came on. Utterly crushing. Hope Joni’s doing alright wherever she is.