Burrito night and the feeling's right (evening)

That burrito was so good last night I’m going to have another. Feel like @ericVI circa 2017

How is everyone?

As Frasier I’m listening…


Wotcha Scout.

Chilli and salad for dinner. Got the kids, need to coax my daughter away from her phone and into homework mode.

Really into chilli at the moment too. Going to make that lovely vegan one from the vegan thread next week.


Feel a bit flat tonight. House is a horror show and desperately needs some attention and I cba. Might have dinner and crawl into bed.

Also spent most of today watching YouTube videos of surfers on massive waves. I mean, look at this!




Alright, currently thinking about that weird 70s/80s manchester police chief who banned porn and consequently raided record shops that stocked punk albums with prick in the title, etc. those were different times

haven’t got any food left, guess I’ll have to go to the shops

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evening Scout et al,

roasting a bunch of veg but keep opening the oven and nicking nice crispy roasted onions, there will be none left at this rate when it comes to having my dinner.

got a meeting tomorrow that i need to prep for but just can’t be arsed.

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Hey Scout

Long day - volunteered to be on the interview panel for a Foodbank job and didn’t realise it’d take all morning. Worked a whole day from home in the afternoon instead.

Now having roast chicken thighs, potatoes, veg and gravy for tea :slight_smile:

Hey everyone

Just had tea (sausages, baked taties carrots and peas)

Not sure what I’m gonna do tonight, prob just watch TV with the kids

just done it again :yum:


Hi Scout, hi everyone! Had a very low key day off. Did a lot of housework and slow-cooked some spicy pork that wound up looking like this

Watched Simon Amstell and Katherine Ryans’ new stand up shows on Netflix - both very good, and bought some cans of Adnams IPA for 53p each in co-op so gonna open one of them in a minute and watch more TV. Might start a thread in a bit…


Alright Justin Timberlake in that film where they work for time…

Evening scout et al. Did a PT session and then a hiit class at the gym and somehow still feel ok although saying that I’ve been sat on the sofa for half an hour not being arsed to make my dinner. When I eventually get up it will be some five spice and hoisin chicken wraps. Then I’ll watch whatever crap tv is on tonight, Masterchef maybe?

This looks very nice, did it have some sauce though? :thinking:

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Sour cream and cheese on top.

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Oh that’s really not what I was expecting, interesting. Was thinking gravy or bbq.

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Couldn’t be cba to make a gravy, and it’s pretty bbqey as it is. Very nice it was too.

I love looking at that but hate it at the same time :ocean:

Yeah, I think I’m slowly cooking some pork this weekend.


Is pork the best meat, flavour wise? I think it might be.

:wave: hiya.

Literally doing nothing tonight.