Burrito night and the feeling's right (evening)

It’s the most mental wave. Also fascinated by this bodyboard take off.

Vertical drop off the face of the wave then knowing you’re getting munched after.

Lamb for just normal cooking, pork for slow, has the most unlockable flavours and responds best to rubs, marinades etc.

What you gonna do with it? I’m going to start a slow-cooking thread a bit further into Winter I.

Join me in killing fruit flies as a past time.

Go to hell fruit flies, so much.

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There must already be at least three threads discussing this!

Different meats and meat substitutes for different needs, obviously.

Listing some stuff for free on gumtree. Reply to the emails based on

  • Whoever emails first
  • Whoever is the most recent one to reply when you check your email, and therefore at the top
  • To the person that sounds least like a psycho
  • To the person with the most fun name

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Some kind of cola-based chilli I think.

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Best meat flavour wise

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Er I can’t think of other meats so here’s an ‘other’ option
  • Obligatory I need an option to remind people that I’m a veggie/vegan

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Feel all beat up. Still have stupid psychosomatic burning pain on arm from a woman pushing past me, various strains, and also got a nasty bump on the head. Wasn’t such a great day :confused:

The person who can type in full sentences, use punctuation and display manners.

:disappointed: how you feel better soon FL x


Can someone make my dinner please and bring it to my mouth


Got some pork left, I can be with you in checks google just over 8 hours.

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Have you seen the documentary Riding Giants?

Got itchy eyes. V playing skate on the TV which is just a never ending soundtrack of grating wheels and bass lines.

Quite fancy just going to bed now and reading a book. With some tea, and a biscuit.

I’ll probably still be sat here then

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Yeah, it’s good. There’s another one about big wave riding called Heavy Water which is better imo


Fancy a burrito, going to have jacket potato. Disappointing.

@rich-t have I mentioned I’m off to do a surf photography course in a few weeks when the World Surf League goes to Biarritz? Hopefully the waves won’t be quite that big though, since I’ll be out in the sea shooting!


See you at 4am!

Time for The :fire: :lips: