burst water pipe in SE london

this messing up your day?

  • yes, me
  • not me

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the good thing is, i can’t get in to work, but i also can’t drink water.

so it’s win win, in a way. in a way.

purchased 3 big super cheap bottles of sparkling water within the last week only to realise they were all still water

not so sad about it now am I

used some of it to make coffee, but now while drinking it I’m realising that the coffee will mean I need to use the toilet…

silly me

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i would shower in sparkling water if i could.

i don’t even mean now, just every day

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you do know you can still use the toilet

what would it be like if it was warm tho? would it still be nice?

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could tip another big bottle of water down if its a stinker

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Fuck London.


Weird that they only have one pipe in London. Guess it’s all got to go somewhere :person_shrugging:


and I fucking used it for a wee at about 7am when I didn’t know the water was off :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Google tells me that if you boil sparkling water it goes flat. Could you heat the water then carbonate it? Have a big soda stream machine between the boiler and the shower head?

im going to buy a sparkling water and see what all the fuss is about

gws, se london water pipe :hugs:


Thames Water should be providing y’all with free bottled water fyi, if you don’t know that.

Thames Water has said the incident has affected the SE3, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13 and SE15 postcodes.

Sitting pretty here in SE14 unlike those 13/15 losers :sunglasses:

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Ok, update from SE14 - currently got the garden hose running directly into the drain. Feels good man.

Might go have a bath in a minute…


housemate bought loads of bottles of water when our water was shut off due to leak repair and kitchen being replaced etc

they were all fucking sparkling

enjoy your shower!


Read the title to the tune of Girlfriend in a coma, FYI.

back on now, tho spluttering a bit