Burying the hatchet

Any a you pricks ended a feud recently. Apologised and hugged or accepted someone’s heartfelt contrition?

Keep it to yourself.

Or post it here, see if chadders cares.

I ended my unwinnable fight against the Facebook 9/11 truth surprisingly amiably. Said I was disappointed, but wished him well, told him to watch out for chemtrails. He did the same, told me to watch out for free-falling structures and thermite-melted steel.

The last time I tried I got told to absolutely fuck off. It was fully deserved, tbh, but it’s soured me on the whole “making amends” thing a bit. Going to adopt a full scorched earth policy from now on.

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Great track, killer drums.

Don’t think I have any hatchets I need to bury with anyone really?


you bury the hatchet into their skull right


I put some beeves on to simmer only yesterday What jewellery do you wear? - #25 by anon29812515

Did this with someone I’ll soon be working closer with at work due to a job change. Had a disagreement in a meeting once and he started ignoring me, including making it very tricky to do my job. Took one for the team because nobody needs that kind of nonsense.

Have @anon44830896 and @plasticniki buried the hatchet yet? Because that all got pretty nasty. I hope they have.

Yeah we did. I apologized via DM with this line.

had a major four-way fallout when a young man. respectively for the three I have:

  • buried the hatchet
  • attempted to bury the hatchet and been rebuffed
  • hasn’t attempted to bury the hatchet but I’d probably be happy to bury if they showed some contrition.

I buried the hatchet with a Brexiter. Though this was an exception to the rule.

It’s “Nob” you nob.

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