Bus / Passenger thread (rolling) 🚍🚏🏙️🚦

Just remembered that when I was a kid a bus anywhere in Greater Manchester was 10p. This was just before deregulation. We used to go into Manchester to loiter in the Arndale.

Leeds is famously the largest city in Europe without a mass public transport system.

Fortunately First Bus run a reliable and regular service :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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= with a bus?


Thanks driver


Good point - the clown accuser has become the clown!

I’d love to know who’s to blame for that. I knew our raffles had some nonsense in them on occasion, but htat’s wild.

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Ta ra luv

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Cheers drive


It was one of either you or your brother, I can’t remember which.

It was the night with the pub quiz where we won the quiz and bought raffle tickets with our winnings and then won so many prizes that we had to drink all the alcohol on the tube ride back into central London.

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An absolutely farcical situation all round. From the proposed Supertram project of the early 90s to the trolleybus/BRT/NGT scheme of the 00s and 2010s. Fucks knows how much money has been pissed up the wall on these with nothing to show for it.

Also a classic case of us, nationally, being so piss poor at infrastructure projects that we lose the expertise in how to actually do them and how to properly budget for them. So when we do actually do them the cost is way over our initial estimates.

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I’ve got some faith that Tracy Brabin seems to get it and is keen to get a tram system going, the issue and need isn’t going away so the sooner they start working on it, the better. The some faith is because fuck knows where the funding is likely to come from at the moment.

All of this wouldn’t be as bad if First Bus wasn’t so completely incompentent. In the last month I’ve tried to get buses from Chapel Allerton and Meanwood into town at around 8 and waited* ages for buses that claim they’re arriving and don’t turn up, before giving up and getting a taxi

*I’ve been stung by this before to the extent that I keep a track of where they actually are rather than what the timetable says, and have waited in the pub rather than actually going to the bus stop.

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Yep. Reliable information on bus arrivals is a huge barrier to people not using them more. I think things are generally better now but I remember having to rely on the shitty dot matrix displays at bus stops in Leeds city centre where it felt like they were only right 50% of the time at best.

Yeah, I think this could even be an understatement if you factor in the times that they do turn up but at wildly different times to what’s claimed. At least with the app now in theory there’s a way to accurately track them if you know how to use it.

at least this one has taken great pains to inform everyone it is in fact a bus

In the spirit of transparency and honesty, I feel you should now that the ferry in question is a wooden boat on a string that goes back and forth across the river marginally faster than I can walk across the bridge but slower than I can cycle.


This is what I was hoping for!

Maybe a coracle service or something

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I know usage and cutbacks and etc wah but the fact there is no 24hr bus line anywhere in Cardiff is so greatly distressing. Not everyone is asleep by midnight.

the bus drivers are


Cardiff’s the only place I’ve ever lived that had a thriving unlicensed taxi scene

Probably changed in the last 20 years with Uber and all that, but those moonlighting Pakistani lads who drove us home from town when no one else would were amazing

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