Business cards



Anyone here have business cards as part of what they do? I don’t because it’s 2016, but I would like some for when you go in a pub and there’s a bowl you can put your business card in and win a free dinner.


Can’t you get a QR code tattoo’d on the back of your hand that links to your MySpace?


No point, everyone in my industry knows who I am.


Yeah, the MORON industry


Have we got a thread on the new boards for when one user does another user?


I have business cards and am expected to hand them out to people I meet at networking events. It is comfortably the worst part of my job


The handing them out is the worst part or the networking events? I’m ma0sm by the way. Here’s my card.


Is @japes still posting on Ello? He gave it a good go fair dinkum.


Of course I do.


Never had one


Can’t be added to sign BusinessEpimer up again


How do you do business?


Networking is the worst part. Introducing yourself to strangers so that you can have a conversation that neither of you care about is pretty excruciating. Then trying to escape that conversation without appearing rude is even worse. The actual handing out of the card is fine, but everything around it is awful.


Do you just pretend you need a piss and then wait in the toilet for a few mins to ditch them each time or do you have better techniques?


No, I mainly subscribe to the “hoping they’ll just go away” technique. I have also started using the “avoiding going to networking events at all costs” technique.


“I’m so sorry, I don’t speak English. I only know the words I’ve used up until now. Gluten abend.”


Yup. Still a very common thing in the construction industry, especially on projects requiring big, multi-disciplinary teams.


I don’t


Does that mean some of the teams don’t have any discipline?


Well now you know how to rectify that.

You’re welcome.