Business ideas you've had lately


‘the very british burrito company’

would be a van that serves burritos that have bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and beans with choice of ketchup or brown sauce. would position the van somewhere between a hipster area and a building site. would have corny ‘british’ artwork with a picture of a guy with a monocle and i’d put 100% BRITISH MEAT all over it.

i’d be rich m8s.


sell up








It was a weak 30 Rock reference. I’m pretty tired, eric.


had an idea a few years ago for an app which you could input ingredients you had in the cupboard and it would search the web for recipes that you could make using those items and options to include extra items based on price / dietary requirements etc.

think its probably already been done though.


i’d eat that


i had the exact same idea!

I never bothered to code it up because i figured that… well i just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t think it was worth it really


also, crowd sourced publishing: you pay a subscription fee (about the price of a book a month) and get to review monographs and then vote for which book you want published. each book then gets peer reviewed and produced using the subscription money and you get the book when it publishes.


licensing the content would be a nightmare too, probably.


A bottle shop in Southsea. A clear market as there are a number of decent, popular ale/craft beer pubs, good twice yearly beer festivals, a number of good breweries. Think it’d work well