Business improvement ideas (rolling)


Hairdressers/barbers - allow customers to book either chat or no chat appointments. Then pair them up with an appropriate hairdresser.

Could be a real gamechanger!!


Think if you booked a no chat the barbers might secretly despise you, that would make me uncomfortable. I think barbers with a USP of ’ we are perceptive and can tell if you’re a chatter/non chatter’ and they work on that might be more viable. Would be interested in your thoughts of course this is just an opportunity for sharing ideas


Would pay at least an extra 10% for a no-chat appointment.


Had a lovely no chat hair cut this morning. Could tell the hairdresser didnt want to chat either. Really set me up for the day.


And would get my hair cut more frequently as a result rather than putting the hellish experience off until it’s a needs must situation as I do now.


You can make hairdresser chats 1000% more entertaining by lying about everything.


I was on a stag do recently with a hairdresser. Biggest liar I’ve ever met, kept at it for the whole four days. Was brilliant.


i’m torn, keeping up the chat often feels like a lot of effort i can’t really be bothered with but at the same time no chat haircuts can feel extremely awkward. i think i favour the ‘some chat at the start but allowed to tail off naturally rather than continuing to force it’ haircut


is it not even more awkward to do it in total silence?

most of the time they’re just telling me how nice my hair is anyway


(and me saying “thanks, I know”


I’ll probably get called a weirdo by certain DiSsers…but a haircut for me is a nice sensory experience and I don’t like having that punctuated with chat about my weekend plans (which I will then lie about)


Asexual computer repair shop.


There are open-air laundrettes outside petrol stations near me now.

Always thought there should be more things combined with pubs, like laundrette/pubs, library/pubs, post office/pubs, etc.


We’re all wierdos Wonton. We spend large amounts of time chatting with strangers on an old school web forum :slight_smile:


I’m sure library/pub is a thing that happened in a village somewhere.


Ah, we’re not all strangers :slight_smile:


But we are all strange :wink:


early killers lyrics something something


Yup, quite a few of these. The TV used to work with rural communities and these guys are pretty good at helping keep community pubs open :+1:


That’s not weird, I like having my haircut for the same reason (and going to the dentist’s too)