Business travellers - Cabin cases


In the market for a cabin case that has a built in laptop/work section. Samsonite have one for £100 but mixed reviews and not keen on dropping £100 if I can avoid it

Any ideas?


oooh just found this badboy:

Lovely, think I’m sorted.


I’d splash extra for a sturdy one if it was a regular suitcase but if it’s a cabin bag it won’t be getting chucked about or that.



try TK Maxx man. that’s all I’ve got


Got a really decent cabin case from TK Maxx for £30. I didn’t want one with a laptop section, but they had them too.

There was one I liked in Muji, but it was too expensive. Found an identical one in a different colour from TK Maxx. So identical it was probably the same factory just different branding.


ooh didn’t think of TK Maxx, I think that Antler one is a decent price so pretty happy. Thanks!


Clas Ohlson had something similar to that first one for around £50 over the summer. Can’t find it on their website at the moment though.


Yeah I have a decent proper case and a regular cabin case that’s fine but I’m on a project in Germany so got quite a few Lufthansa flights for day long meetings and they only allow one piece of carry on with economy, so need a case that can store my clothes and my work stuff all in one. cheers


This is what I got. The Muji ones were all neutral colours, and mine was orange and without the built in TSA lock. I could have paid an extra tenner for one with a lock, but I hate built in locks on suitcases, I have a history of them jamming.


Literally went to Clas Ohlson today to buy an ice scraper for my car(!) and had a quick look, didn’t see anything decent unfortunately.


that looks really nice!


It’s really handy if you have to open it up in the airport or whatever, as it’s got good zipup bits and straps to keep the clothes etc out of the way if you need to grab something.


spent fackin ages (10) minutes lokking for something similar, then went for this beast in the end:

got many sections, nooks, crannys and man, you can easily fit 10 days worth of clothes, shoe shit, lappys, toiletries etc. very good build quality too. fuck something sturdy on wheels, man. use your back innit.



Or say if the built in combo lock on your workmate’s cheap suitcase jams and you have to help them bust it open, and for the rest of the trip it continually springs open of its own accord, because it doesn’t have both a lock and a zip.


Just you wait until Theo see that!


yeah definitely, like I said I already have a decent regular cabin case and suitcase that are fine for normal travelling - but needed something that would combine a laptop bag and cabin case for at least 4-5 trips


No, YOU’RE a cabin case


yeah my work aren’t keen on us checking bags in if it’s just for 1 night away. plus I wouldn’t normally in case my clothes didn’t turn up. Isn’t normally a problem with BA or KLM, who I often fly with, because you can take two pieces.


Basically my solution is to put the rolled up clothes and zip up bag of cabin-allowed toiletries in the section that zips up.

Put any loose bits like stationery into one of these tough plastic pouches, and put it under the strap section

Laptop is in this heavily padded case and goes on top, strapped in

Then have a small canvas tote bag for wallet, book, water bottle etc, which can go into the suitcase any time I need to only have one item. Because all the loose items are safely zipped up in the suitcase section or the plastic pouch, I can open and close the suitcase as much as I need to without anything falling out or getting lost.