businesses flailing with IT under lockdown

Fuck that too

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sacked it off yesterday coz i was walking the dogs. thought it would be dead conspicuous but there was only 5 out of 12 of us there today and the guy i work with was yammering some excuse about being too engrossed in what he was doing to call in yesterday, so i just swanned in without making an excuse and he looked like he was definitely wanking and forgot about it. its fine, we’re making a point of not using it to talk about work

Another vote for Davidoff Microsoft teamswater been using zoom a bit too, as mentioned elsewhere the infosec stuff is a bit concerning tbh otherwise it’s alright.

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Does anyone have any good justification for having to use a webcam for these things?

We’ve just adopted Teams, finding it exhausting tbh, as trying not to show “I’m bored out of my mind” face is a struggle.

It’s useful for delivering training to see when people are finished with an exercise/look confused about something you’re trying to teach. Wouldn’t insist on it though and definitely wouldn’t in a normal meeting

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Teams is alright. Why you hate Teams?

You can send GIFs on it!


we had a 20,000 people webinar yesterday. I don’t know of anyone who actually managed to join, got an email a few minutes in basically saying “yeah it’s fucked, wait til tomorrow and we’ll send a recording yeah?” which was entirely expected tbh

Yeah that giphy integration is going to get me fired


I think this remote working lark has brought out my inner Tory. I saw a thing that lets you see if people have clicked off the Zoom window and are looking at Chrome or something.

So be warned. If you’re fucking about, do it on your PHONE.

Another shout for teams here. It’s fine.

i did that thing you can do where you blur out the background of your video but my hair is the same colour as the wall behind so it thought my hair was wall and therefore it looked like i’d shaved all my hair off


It’s just nice to see people. Weird talking to disembodied voices.

We do a team video call (camera ON) first thing every day. It’s actually quite a nice thing to do, we all have a little chat, have a look round each other’s houses etc. Pretty funny how quickly we stopped making any effort - first couple of WFH days I did my hair/make up/clothes as if I was going to the office, now I just sit there in full on slob mode, including old stained dressing gown :woman_shrugging:t3:

Amazing! Could be they are just doing some work because the meeting is boring or not relevant to them.

Yes. Work.

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I mean, it could happen. Accidentally.

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We can log in remotely via our work PCs which is fantastic as the building is now under lockdown. However, my PC has managed to switch itself off over the weekend so I’m a bit fucked.

Also hosting my first Zoom meeting tomorrow and as a man of ‘advanced’ years I’m bloody terrified.

“Hey 29, just wondering if you are able to log in remotely and charge the virtual credit cards we received for blah di blah…”
– “Nope! See you in May!”

I totally can. But y’know… won’t. :cocktail: :desert_island: :partying_face: :beers: :dancer: :sleeping_bed:

Why not?