businesses flailing with IT under lockdown

Sorry if this has been done better further down.

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We’re trying to ‘meet’ for coffee but it hasn’t really worked yet because I’m also parenting.

was first asked to download skype, had one meeting. then they set me up with a company email so that we can use the chat window, used once. now being asked to download teams on my phone and i don’t even know what it is and i don’t want it and wahhh.

It’s like Skype but purple


This is both “a joke” and “the truth”


S(teams)ing crock of sh*t.

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Anybody’s businesses who are struggling with making this work, Webex is free for a limited number of users (Meetings with 100 participants),

Link is here:

If anyone needs any help with networking or needs a point in the right direction to keep things up and running then please pm me, it’s part of what I do for a living and anything I can do for you lot I will. (For free obvs)

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We use Microsoft

  • Skype for calls, Outlook for messages
  • Workplace by Facebook for announcements and chats
  • PowerBI for trending

It’s actually pretty slick.

IT is incredible. Yeah raise a ticket, we might have a look at it in 6 to 8 weeks.

Imagine any other part of the business doing that.

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Ours is pretty much like this if you need anything more complicated than a password reset