Busy day in the office.

Just had this email sent to the entire building.

“One of the vending machines on the 6th floor had a Pepsi bottle jamming the hatch, so when I bought a mint Aero it was stuck inside the machine with about 6 or 7 other items. I managed to knock the bottle out of the way with a spoon, and then someone came along and has taken the items to reception. If you want to reclaim your snack then she said go down to reception and ask for (name redacted).”

It’s carnage downstairs now.


The building administrators are planning to trim the hedge at the back side(the bike shed side) of the building tomorrow, so they want us to avoid parking there tomorrow.

Joke’s on them, I don’t have a car

I would like to stake a 110% legitimate claim on both Boost bars

Mine was a twix ta

Not sure why this has done me but it has.

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is that implying they almost got away with keeping all the snacks for themselves but got rumbled at the last minute?


That’s what I thought. Clearly about to scarf the lot when security nabbed him.

Pretty sure that most of the goodies never made it downstairs either.

I’ll quite happily take the vending machine carnage if anyone wants to swap for a bunch of hippies forming a human chain around our building, resulting in me having to start an hour earlier tomorrow.

Hope they all pull muscles at their yoga sessions on the lawn for that.

What’s your office done to invoke that?

Built a really powerful hippie magnet.


Couldn’t chat to someone in our fire and building control department earlier as the whole office was having a photoshoot with their two new fire engines.

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Parliament, innit mate. The Rebellion Extinction lot are camping out on the grounds all week, starting with the human chain tomorrow.

Preparing for it not to be as comical as last week’s effort when five people chained themselves by the neck to the barriers out front, with the only means of freeing them being a set of keys mailed to each party’s leader. Sound idea, unfortunately harpooned somewhat by most of the mailroom staff being off on holiday, so the usual post round took place much later in the day. Think they had to take the bolt cutters to them after three hours.

Ah… Made the mistake of existing.

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