But I AM a key worker

I work in a Timpsons!

Has anyone made that very funny joke yet? Can I claim it?

I don’t work in Timpsons though I think I’d rather enjoy it.

Um… Any Timpsons chat?


I think this joke is good


In my hometown the Timpsons is in like a little port-a-cabin type thing in the Sainsburys car park.


In before the lock

Thanks, I thought of it when I was riding my bike a bit ago.

Where did you ride it?

Someone on TV was talking about Timpsons the other day. They employ loads of former prisoners.

We don’t have a Timpsons on my Tien but do have an independent key cutter/shoe repair/bag sales shop.

Knew someone had done it


Dont know the details of this, and that is good. But I think some of these are like as part of schemes where they get free (or very, very cheap) labour whilst they are prison.

Morning ruined.

Round the block and that

If youre gonna steal, steal from the greats

But that’s… Yeah OK.

Very cool

Much as I like Timpsons I can’t really believe that we haven’t thought of a better alternative to keys yet.

Sometimes people have “fob”


Doors with safe style code entry rather than keys

  • Good yes that’s better
  • Too fiddly for me I’ll have a key please

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I’m going to sulk for a bit. Catch you all later.

Magic door like the mines in LOTR where you have to shout a password

  • A bit annoying for people late at night
  • At bit unsafe
  • Good yes that’s better

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That may be the case, but Timpsons have a reputation for treating their staff well, that goes beyond what is typically seen in the UK.

(perhaps surprisingly so, given that the family are Tories)