But if research for something... what are some songs that everyone in the uk knows

Or as many people as possible, just stuff that is instantly recognisable by as wide a cross section of people as possible?

Dancing queen

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Sweet Caroline
Hey Jude (lots of Beatles songs tbf)
Good Vibrations

Bohemian Rhapsody

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Seven Nation Army

American Pie


Wonderwall & Don’t Look Back In Anger

Last Christmas

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Good shout. All the big hitter Christmas songs

Can’t escape them in December. Even those who don’t like music will know them from being in Tesco or whatever.


These are all great! :slight_smile:

Radio gaga

My Way

Frank Sinatra and Limp Bizkit

(Not a duet)


The rat


The whole song or just the chorus/riff?

Think Hey Jude is probably the main one. Reckon a lot of people know the entirety of Mr Brightside.

Come On Eileen

Most people have been to a wedding disco haven’t they?

I reckon Sweet Child Of Mine is probably up there too.

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